We are in The Gambia

Dear All

After catching the plane at 8:30 we had a six hour flight, arriving at Banjul Airport at 1:15 (local time) we went through security without a hitch and caught a bush taxi to Gunjur. We spent the rest of the day settling in to our house and in the evening we walked the short distance into the village centre, where everyone went out of their way to welcome us.

We have met the Imam (leader of Islam) who is around 100 years old, the Nansimba (leader of women) and the Alikali (village mayor). They were all very welcoming and pleased to see us.

Today we visited the women’s garden, where all the women spend their day. We also went to Jalisut – a bee farm. Tomorrow we hope to be meeting the plastics team who are much too optimistic about our project – “you will change Gunjur and go down in history” – we weren’t expecting that!

We hope to post again as soon as possible.

Andrew, Robert, Max and Max

Gambia Photos 012


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