Our Trip To Gambia

Back From The Gambia


Back in England, it seems very cold and dark but everyone is pleased to be home with all the everyday western comforts. All of us greatly enjoyed the trip and have learnt a huge amount about other cultures and societies. The business we set about starting seems to still be going well, if a little slowly (But then we have discovered that no Gambians are every in a hurry) and have nearly finished organising a 2% share in the business each with the shifty leader of the group, Aileu.

We have all learned a huge amount about life in a third world country and have had an experience of a lifetime, met many new people and made lots of friends with the very generous and warmhearted people.

There is already talk of some of us returning next summer for some volunteering work, we would be staying at the Gunjur Project and helping plan lessons for teachers.

We will try to keep posting updates about the progress of our business.

Here are some more photos of our trip – the internet in Gambia was much too slow to upload any.

The Gunjur Project Lodge
Dalasis aren’t worth very much – paying for lunch at the airport
The Maxes by a termite mound (Tendaba)
Some of the wildlife we saw – this is an abyssinian roller
Us in front of the bush taxi that took us to and from the airport
Mrs Burke and Karen with their hair braided
Being shown around bolonfenyo nature reserve
The cannons left near Tendaba that were used by the british to fire on local villages
Our amazing guide, Lamin at Tendaba
Three frogs in my shoes
An oleander hawk moth that was flying around the house
We had been waiting for quater of an hour
Donkey cart in the village centre
A french lesson at gunjur upper basic school
A blacksmith beating the panel for a door
All the shells we collected on our beach walk
A scene from the beach
An unfinished lodge – also on the beach
Mrs Burke and Karen wading through a very large puddle (we all had to as well)
walking back from the gunjur project
Dinner on the first night
Dinner the frist night
Our toilet
Loading the bush taxi
The group of us having just got off the plane
Tarud Pre-school – Break time
Two ladies cooking lunch at TARUD pre-school
Andrew blowing bubbles at the pre-school