About Us

We are a group of five students and one teacher from Pewsey Vale School in Wiltshire. Last May, we won a competition with the prize being to go to Gunjur,  a large village in The Gambia, West Africa.

So on October 20th five of us (The other member is unfortunately unable to go due to a recent medical problem) and one person from the Marlborough Brant Group are off  to Gambia for eleven days. Whilst there we hope to set up our business and leave it in a good enough condition to be able to be run in the future by the people of Gunjur, but also to see a completely different culture and way of life.

Below is a link to the MBG website with a writeup about the competition.

MBG VIBE Competition

Pictured in the article at Abbeyfeild school (from left to right) is: Andrew Gray, Max Young, Mrs F. Burke, Robert Boyce and Charlie Stephens (Who is sadly unable to go this year but has been promised a place on the trip the MBG are running in the summer break of 2016)


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